We, people, have always looked for means of adapting the spaces we live in and we shaped them according to our needs. Clearly, one of our needs is the need for a comfortable environment and one of the most accessible materials for satisfying this need has been, for millennia, wood.

So it’s a fact that for thousands of years we’ve had a strong bond with this material and it just might be that the attraction we still feel today for it is, somehow, deeply rooted in us. We still think of it as being warm, we easily recognize its scent and even touching it gives out a special vibe.

But our recent history brought new things in our lives and a lot of them are related to plastics. Sure, plastic also brought great benefits to our lives and it’s no wonder why it became so popular so fast and entered almost every aspect of our lives. Then, if we’re talking about furniture in particular, we know for a fact that there are a lot of remarkable plastic pieces out there and we always searched for ways of including in our own portfolio everything that caught our eye. However, wooden furniture is…

Simply exquisite. Noble and elegant, especially in its classic form. Wood is soft enough to be carved, but strong enough to endure the test of time. Just think about the fact that today we can still look at perfectly preserved pieces of beautifully ornamented furniture from the Renaissance.

We know, you might think that it’s a bit more expensive, but time will not diminish its value. On the contrary, if we’re talking about quality wooden furniture and basic maintenance. And to be honest, cleaning and maintenance is quite easy.

Certainly not least, wood has the lovely quality of being natural and it’s something that we tend to appreciate more and more in this era.

So yes, we love wooden furniture and we’re sure that some spaces simply couldn’t be filled with anything else…

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