Every space has its unique thing and it builds its personality with every element it contains. And often couches are central pieces, so we thought we should write about the most popular styles.

Victorian sofas are best known for their wooden frames (often with rich ornaments) and elegant upholsteries. They’re distinguished and have a certain elegance of the past, so they are most suitable for sophosticated spaces.

canapea stil victorian

And since we’re talking about sophisticated spaces, another kind of sofa that would fit in just right is the divan. Without a backrest or with a partial one, it surely has a special vibe that most of us probably associate with luxury.


However, if you need an elegant touch, but without being too fancy, you can always go for a contemporary sofa, especially since a wide range of styles merge into this concept, starting with a traditional base, but in a more supple shape and usually with more curves.

canapea contemporana

Loveseats can be a sub-category of the contemporary sofa, but they are not limited to this design. They are ideal for small spaces or for the ones that need an intimate feel since they are built to accomodate one person or two at the most.


Of course, more and more spaces go for the modern trend, so they need more unconventional designs. The ”soft” approach and quite at hand is a minimalistic design, with a metal frame.

canapea cadru metalic

But for those who really want to stand out there are some futuristic designs out there.

canapea moderna

And for the ones that need something between contemporary and modern, but are also keen on flexibility, sectional sofas are an excellent choice.

canapea modulara

By itself no particular couch is an inappropriate choice, but make sure all your furniture and accessories blend in a harmonious way. By the way, have you read our article about the basic principles of good design?

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