Because we’ve specialized in the HORECA field we’re exclusively into furniture that is strong enough to stand the tests of time and frequent use, because every hotel, restaurant, coffee house, bar or pub is aiming towards having a constant and intense flow of customers. However, even if the structure passes the test of time, sometimes you’ll just find yourself looking at tiny dents and scratches on your wooden surfaces. Of course, the advices below are perfectly applicable both at home and in commercial spaces if you always want to look your best.

A surprising trick that’s also quite handy for getting rid of scratches is using a… Walnut :). All you need to do is take the nut out of its hard shell, „polish” the scratch with the core of the walnut and after that, after you wait for a couple of minutes until the essential oils of the nut color the imperfection, there’s nothing more to do than simply wiping the surface with a soft cloth rah.

Another „wonder-ingredient” for successfully taking care of this task is – surprise! – coffee grinds. And the process is just as easy, since there’s nothing more to it than applying the grinds on the scratch with a cotton swab, waiting for the „pigmenting” for about 5-10 minutes and in the end, just as above, simply wipe the surface with a soft cloth rag. However, we have to mention that this procedure is more suitable for darker furniture, because the pigments in the coffee grinds are more intense than the essential oils in the walnut.

Then, for marks resulted from compression, you can successfully use the iron, especially when it comes to unfinished furniture (the technique can work just as well with finished furniture, but it depends a lot on the type of furnishing that was used, so you should really test this first on a small hidden area). The technique itself is very, very easy – apply a bit of water on the area, cover it with a paper napkin or with a cloth and then smooth it with an iron. You should also consider that this technique works better on fresher dents.

And surely not least, especially for fine scratches, you can simply use a pigmented furniture polish.

We hope you’ll find these advices useful and please let us know in the comment section below if you know other hacks.

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