We’ll soon be ending the first month of 2015, so we’d better break it up for good with 2014 and look forward with confidence. In fact, it seems we’re going to have a very interesting year, even in the world of interior design. It would appear that 2015 will be, above anything else, the year of bold combinations.

Let’s start with something we already know – colors. We told you that Marsala has been chosen by Pantone as the representative color of 2015 and some say it’s going to be a great match for calming shades of blue (Scuba Blue, Classic Blue and Dusk Blue), Aquamarine, natural fresh green (Lucite Green, Treetop and Woodbine), balanced grays (Glacier Gray and Titanium) and, of course, it’s also going to look lovely next to strong shades such as: Lavender, Tangerine or Strawberry Ice.

But colors are only a part of this complicated equation, so we’ll get right back on track with materials. The first one that’s standing out is marble and it’s going to find its place in furniture, accessories and lighting. Metals are also among the favorites and you’re likely to see combinations of “cold” metals (silver, for example) and “warm” ones (such as copper).

In fact, this year is going to be very inviting towards mixing things up, whether it’s using retro pieces in modern settings, integrating eco, recycled or unconventional materials or simply merging different styles and cultures, because 2015 is not about preset themes, but about integration.

As for the rest, it’s good to keep in mind that geometrical patterns are going to be a hit, but we’re also continuing the trend started last year for floral and natural prints in fabrics.

Yes, it’s definitely going to be an interesting year and we can’t wait to see how all of the above are going to blend into new and daring projects!

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