Do you remember that we recently told you about the best hotels in the world? Today we thought about once again taking advantage of the information provided by TripAdvisor and write about the best restaurants in the world.

Of course, all is subjective when it comes to taste, but keep in mind that TripAdvisor is based on ratings given by millions of users that actually experienced the services of the hotels and restaurants which they assess. So, when hundreds of people from all over the world say that they’ve had a great experience with a restaurant, it might be enough feedback so that we can trust it.

For instance, the restaurant ranked as 5th from all over the world among those who use TripAdvisor is Alinea in Chicago (it’s probably no wonder that it’s also the 1st ranked in Chicago). More than 500 people seem to confirm that the mission of the Alinea staff – „to rethink what a restaurant can be” – is wonderfully fulfilled.

The 4th is The French Cafe, a restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand, which promises a „truly sophisticated dining experience”, and almost 500 maximum ratings claim that this business ran by a couple makes good on its promise.

Quite frankly, we would have been really surprised if we wouldn’t have found among the best a French restaurant, so we calmed down as soon as we saw #3 – Maison Lameloise. The hotel and restaurant in Chagny, France, has been around for almost 100 years, and its cuisine, as close as art as food can get, brought them their clients’ appreciation and three Michelin stars.

The second best restaurant in the world seems to be in Cambridge, UK, and almost 600 people thought of their Midsummer House experience as being exquisite. Daniel Clifford, the man behind the business, claims that his restaurant „feels a lot like home” and for this to happen he stays true to his motto: „Everything we do here is to make Midsummer House a place to enjoy”.

This might surprise you a bit, but the best restaurant in the world is a Spanish one – El Celler de Can Roca. Ran by three brothers who are passionate about cooking, the place in Girona, Spania, fully conquered almost 1.000 people from all over the world. With a unique concept and a lot of passion, the Roca brothers managed to turn a family business into a restaurant ranked by Michelin with three stars.

So, if you ever want a truly special gastronomical experience, maybe even in the holiday that’s coming up, now you know exactly where you could go.

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