We’ve told you about the foldable furniture made by ZOWN (a brand we are representing exclusively in Romania) in the past as well (for example, here). Sp you might already know the traits that make this kind of furniture the best choice for event halls or any space that will host grand parties, conferences and other sorts of large-scale happenings. If not, we’ll just remind you the essence – the ZOWN chairs, tables and accessories are light, very sturdy, they can hold a surprising mount of weight, they are easy to fold for easy keep and, furthermore, you can choose from a lot of shapes and sizes, which gives you a high level of flexibility  for the room that always has to transform according to the specifics of the event it’s hosting.

But it is also true that, when we think about foldable furniture, first of all we think of utility. It is absolutely necessary that the pieces used for this purpose are durable and reliable, and the aesthetics tend to be retouched later on, through all sorts of fabrics and design tricks.

Well, ZOWN went the extra mile and decided to produce a premium collection of foldable furniture, with the exact same traits they’ve accustomed us with when it comes to sturdyness, durability and efficiency, but it also brings a surprising note of elegance for its category of product. And this elegance you can literally feel:

And you can also see it in all sorts of details, giving you the benefit of a good looking table, without any other add-ons than a simple table cloth. As for the rest, as we have already mentioned, you can count on the exact same quality that ZOWN branded itself with: strength, durability, stability, a manual blocking system, comfort, reinforced structure and so on.

We are inviting you to discover the new premium collection of ZOWN foldable furniture (tables and chairs) and we are here for any other kind of information you may need. Contact us through any means you feel most comfortable with! The Chairry team is always ready 🙂

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