Mamaia is, by far, the brightest resort in the Romanian seaside landscape. It is the core of the summer season on the shores of the Black Sea, so it benefits from a big density of hotels which, in turn, forces the people who manage these accommodation facilities to constantly keep looking for ways of getting noticed from the crowd. And those who don’t just settle on this particular aspect, just as in pretty much any other issue of business or life, always have plenty to gain from going the extra mile.

Thus, Hotel Riviera could have settled for one of its inherent traits that definitely makes it hard to miss or to mistake – it is the tallest hotel in the resort, and you can imagine that towards the peak of the 14th floor you get an amazing panoramic view, regardless if its towards the sea or the lake. But no, only height and boarding capacity (229 rooms tend to be a pretty good competitive advantage in volume alone) were not satisfying enough to be left as the only distinctive traits of this hotel. The hospitality experts who are so committed to this place were also eager to put a new face on this hotel – fresh, colorful, vivid! And we are very happy that our Chairry furniture pieces were chosen to breathe life into the whole ensemble.

And now, at the beginning of February, when we’re still hiding under thick winter coats and scarfs, dreaming of blue seas, summer and sunny days is sweeter than ever, when it takes shape into such happy and optimistic images. It’s almost as if we get a bit revived whenever we think of the specks of color that we were asked to reap near the sea…


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