Dieter Rams, one of the most iconic figures in the world of industrial design, was the one who consolidated in his field the idea of „less but better”, a concept that turned into remarkable products (a lot of them for Braun) that further influenced even more product designs.

And because we like his idea of „less but better” (meaning a search for purity and essence) so much we really want to tell you about the other nine principles of Rams for a good design. Thus, good design has to:

  • be innovative – and considering the rate at which technology is evolving, we’re sure to see in the next couple of years remarkable innovations on any branch of design;

  • make a product useful – you might say that mentioning this is redundant since a product has to be, above anything else, useful, but a truly good design is actually looking at the essence of utility (related to the purpose) and highlights it as much as possible;

  • be aesthetic – although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Rams associates aesthetics with utility and he considers that only objects that are well designed can be beautiful;

  • be easy to understand – basically, the perfect end goal would be intuitive understanding and use of the product;

  • be oblivious – a well designed product is a neutral tool that exists only to help the consumer create something;

  • be honest – in essence, it should not make promises it can’t keep;

  • be durable – good design is not about fads and trends; it looks fresh no matter what the larger frame is;

  • be thorough in all details – because nothing can be left to chance; otherwise, the lack of care is actually a lack of respect towards the future user of the product;

  • be friendly with the environement – especially when it comes to minimizing resource waste and the impact it has on the surrounding environment throughout its life cycle.

Well, even though we are not designers, we are always looking for products that respect these principles. And we also do that out of respect for our customers.

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