If it’s quite likely for you to have heard about The Michelin Guide, in return, maybe it’s not as likely for you to know that the 1st of February is the most intense day of the year for all the chefs and the whole luxury restaurants’ universe in France, because this first day of February is the moment when there are revealed the selections for the current year’s edition of The Guide.

In 2016 there have been selected 600 restaurants that got at least a ranking of one Michelin Star, meaning nine less than the previous edition. However, there have been awarded 54 new stars in the last year, and this also meant that there are two new restaurants that have been awarded the full ranking of 3 Michelin Stars for the exquisite culinary services they provide, both of them in Paris – Alain Ducasse’s restaurant at The Plaza Athénée Hotel, ran by Romain Meder, and Le V, the restaurant at The Four Seasons George V Hotel, ran by Chef Christian Le Squer.

Alain Ducasse is telling a completely innovative story at this location, with a strong accent on the „fish-vegetables-cereals trilogy” and the naturalness cuisine, that is „healthier and more natural, more respectful to the Planet”. As a whole, his gastronomical representations reveal „the original flavors of the products, from noble to humble, all exceptional”. And the dining space, of course, has to be suitable for the three stars ranking – recently refurnished, „the gem” designed by Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku is a universe of „softness of curves, materials and contents”, woth an emphasis on quality and a remarkable attention for every detail:


Christian Le Squer says about himself that he is „a creator of savors and a composer of tastes. Just as a couturer or a perfumer shapes and assembles products with the purpose of enhancing them and obtaining exacting aromas, with perfect coherence.” But even though the experience and talent of the chef are significantly responsible for the distinction, the three stars are not gained only through the flavors of the dishes or the overall look of the plates. Service and ambiance, in every possible details, are also key-elements. Thus, you probably won’t be surprised to see that the restaurant itself is „spacious and bright, decorated in shades of gold and grey”, with traditional French and English furniture pieces (inclding two Louis XIV wardrobes and two golden gilted Louis XVI chairs) and accessorized with mirrors having intricately sculpted wooden frames. But it is well known that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, so look for yourselves at the beauty of Le V:


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