Remember when we told you about The Burj Al Arab? Well, when we researched the article we were surprised to find out that the hotel known as maybe the only one in the world that deserves a seven stars rating was in 2012 only the 12th most expensive in the world. How can it be that the most luxurious apartment in a temple of abundance didn’t even make it to the top 10? Furthermore, which hotels could be in the lead?

So we looked for rankings that were more recent and this how we discovered that about a year ago the most expensive hotel room in the world was the „Royal Penthouse Suite” (Hotel President Wilson in Geneva), and the nightly rate for the 12 bedroom 1.800 square foot Swiss suite was a staggering $67.000. Do you think this is worth it for a panoramic view of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Anyway, value is a highly subjective thing and maybe the handpicked art collection or the Steinway piano complete the experience.

Next in line come: „The Ty Warner Penthouse” (Four Seasons Hotel in New York – $45.000$/night), an exclusive villa on „Hilltop Estate” (Laucala Island, Fiji – $40.000/night), one of the penthouse suites at Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez (Cannes, France – $37.500/night), and „The Royal Villa” (Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens – $35.000/night). In fact, this top 10 ends with a $23.500/night price, which is somewhat more than the most expensive suite at The Burj Al Arab…

Actually, we only found the iconic hotel of Dubai on the 11tf place in a ranking made last month and this was about the average price of the most affordable double room in the hotels.

So now we’ll just let you look at the pictures and think about the famous „what if”. We’ll be looking at the furniture 🙂

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