Towards the end of the summer season we thought we should show our appreciation towards a chair that we often barely notice, even though it saves lives (quite literally, by the way) – the lifeguard chair.

It is true that in the last couple of years, especially in Romania, the chair has been turning more and more into a complex platform, although, really, the mobility can be an extremely useful feature, because a chair in its classical format (even one as tall) can be moved around, in the places with the best visibility, especially when environmental conditions are variable. But we trust you know all too well the chair we are talking about – probably the tallest one around, usually made of wood, and the one that is holding the lifeguard, helping him get a great perspective over the water and the potential accidents and hazards. Just as well, this piece of furniture, designed especially for standing out of the crowd, is also meant to be a landmark for those who swam somewhat further away from the beach or simply for those on the beach that require medical assistance.

By the way, even in its most basic designs, the lifeguard chair tends to fulfill at least two more functions: it’s the place where first-aid kits and other important rescue equipment is stored at hand; also, because the lifeguard needs to keep a clear head, he should be protected by the burning sun, thus some chairs have integrated elements for this exact purpose, or at least come along with an attached beach umbrella.

So let’s appreciate this chair at its true value, and all the more for its interesting design or the structural challenge that its builders have to overcome in order for the life-saving piece to hold its own weight and height. 🙂

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