We are definitely living interesting times and it just may be that things will start moving along faster and faster, no matter what area of life you are thinking about right now…

For instance, we don’t really know when you first found out about 3D printing technologies, but we know for a fact that, compared to when we first discovered them, they’ve made huge progresses. And keep in mind that this is by no means an old technology, but the scale of its recent developments is stunning and that is why we see machinaries that are getting faster, more complex, more sophisticated, and more flexible. Thus, if some time ago we could only have hoped for somewhat basic shapes made from plastics (and not even those with thorough fine touches), today there are multiple ways for creating totally surprising things, with finess and attention for details.

However, you might agree that (at least so far) the most remarkable accomplishment that took shape out of a 3D printing process is Lewis Grand Hotel in Phillipines. Why is it so special? No, it’s not famous because of 3D printed furniture, accessories or ambiental objects. No, no – this hotel in Angeles City is playing in the Big League and it added to its facilities a „printed” building. Basically, the concrete structure with a surface of 130 square meters will be the first commercial and operation building in the world that was built like this and, surprise, the villa also has a jacuzzi that was, of course, built with the help of the same technology.

How long does the process take? About 100 hours, although it is not a continuous one and to this we should add months of research and planning

Bellow you can see a sample fom the „building site”, because the building of this wonder of our contemporary world is still work in progress:


And here you get to see the technique itself (although we have little doubt that it won’t be quickly refined as well):

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