We all know that the colors surrounding us can and actually do influence the way we feel and act. And we are fortunate enough to have many more options these days for furniture colors, no longer depending solely on the colors of the walls, paintings or other accessories and decorations. Of course, just because we have options it doesn’t mean that we should exaggerate – the rules of balanced designs are still in place and there is no space in this world that could feel comfortable in a single shade, no matter what that shade is. So we recommend you mix and match, add a dash of contrast, break visual monotony with a bold element and so on, but since every room needs to send the proper vibes, remember that each color has its own deep meanings:

  • red is all about action, passion, enthusiasm. It symbolizes and activates the fire within, so it is a must-have for any space dedicated to a dynamic way of life. It is also a perfect choice for standing out of the crowd and it’s sure to energize!

  • yellow – warm and intimate, the best friend of focus and communication and also a good option for active spaces. But it’s not as aggressive as red, so it’s more suitable for an ambiance that needs to incite those who are inquisitive and have high aspirations.

  • green – the color of the inquisitive – calming, relaxing, inviting to meditation, inspiring balance and creating an environment of safety.

  • blue – the shades of depth, sensibility and tranquility, always inviting towards relaxation and a bit of daydreaming.

  • gray – a symbol of strength and a statement of power, so it’s no wonder it’s such a popular option for modern offices.

  • brown – the faithful color of wood – sometimes powerful, sometimes warm, reliable and comfortable.

So what is your favorite color for interiors? What shades would you play around with and what’s the end result you’d be hoping for?

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