Because we love colors so much, it’s easy to understand why summer is our favorite season. We love thinking about the sun, the seaside, the colorful terraces, the pools with outdoor bars, the umbrellas and the relaxing tanning beds and so on. So we’re celebrating the hot season as we should – with a special catalogue that includes a selection of special pieces, but also some of the novelties in our portfolio. Of course, we’re mostly talking about pieces that are happy, colorful (almost all of them available in a lot of different shades), comfortable, strong, suitable both for indoor and outdoor settings, thus perfect for terraces, pools and beaches, but also for bars, restaurants, pubs.

We’re still working on the selections of chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas, chaise-lounges and accessories, but our new catalogue is going to be available online as soon as possible, in our Download section. And we promise you that you’ll find in there a wide array of models, suitable for any kind of space, with modern touches, elegant and sometimes a bit playful, just so that you stand out and become memorable.

As for materials, we can provide you with wooden furniture, pieces with metal frames or furniture made from plastics, all obtained with the help of the newest technologies out there (polycarbonate, polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass and so on).

But we’re also reminding you that what you’ll be seeing there is only a small fraction of what we have to offer. Our portfolio is very rich, so we’re still inviting you to check out our website in detail. We’re at your service for any kind of extra information you might need and we’re always open for talking, always quite eager to find together the best solutions for your furniture and decorative needs. We have dozens of items that can be personalized way beyond color, including format, height, upholstery and so on. We’re sure that you’ll find all the support from our Chairry team of experienced HORECA professionals in order to adjust your order in a truly unique manner, 100% molded to the specifics of the business you need furnished.

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