It may be that your first association with plastic furniture is somewhat close to the famous chair, white or green, available in pretty much any big store and spread all around. We wouldn’t be surprised if that would be the case, but you should know that plastics can be shaped into other kinds of pieces, some simply stunning, supple, special, quite elegant. Thus, plastic is no longer the exponent of cheap and plain!

It’s true, there are spaces that could not be furnished with anything other than wood and we strongly believe that hard wood will always have a certain charm, but we also believe, just as strongly, that some plastic pieces fit certain spaces better than anything else ever could. For example, modern spaces that need vivid colors and maybe transparency will never become what they should with hard wood furniture.

Furthermore, plastics have the immense advantage of being extremely malleable and can be molded into any shape. In return, wood has obvious limitations and even if there are those wonderfully stubborn ones who always try to push the limits, all successful attempts will surely have a matching price for the effort. Plastic furniture can fit any kind of shape and any kind of budget.

And since we’re talking about raw material, it’s good to know that plastic refers to a wide category of compounds, with different formulas and add-ons, each of them capable of different results and effects. Plus, a whole industry is constantly working on progress, which is sure to turn into stronger and more versatile pieces, and this even without considering the new 3D printing technologies which are sure to revolutionize the world. But if we’re strictly talking about furniture, we believe that plastic has already become the best option for outdoor furniture, even if wood, too, can sometimes be an alternative, it’s certainly not one as durable and as easy to maintain.

Anyway, we could never categorically say that we prefer wooden furniture or plastic furniture. Both can turn into stunning pieces and both have advantages and limits, so all you have to do is find what’s the most suitable option for the space you need to furnish. And that’s exactly why we included in our Chairry promotional offers pieces from „both worlds”.

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