This time last week we were in the middle of the International Trade Fair for Furniture, Equipment and Accessories. We were at Romexpo, along with 324 other exhibitors, from Romania and abroad, and we all shaped those 30.000 mp into a genuine “show of shapes and ideas”, just like the organizers promised prior to the event.

We saw for ourselves that BIFE-SIM 2014 really has grown and that can only mean that the visitors enjoyed more variety in styles and shapes. We noticed beautiful pieces at our fellow colleagues, we appreciated the manufacturers’ efforts, we admired the creativity of young Romanian designers and we met a few new people from the world of architecture and design.

But of course our greatest joy came from our visitors. We enjoyed every contact and we are full of gratitude for those who dropped by our exhibition stand and challenged us to conversations about what we love most – furniture. We want to thank them for giving us the opportunity to tell them about our pieces, we want to thank those who told us about their furnishing needs and challenged us to find ingenious solutions to all kinds of spaces, we thank all those who tested our chairs and, in general, we thank all those we met at The Fair!

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The high interest in Chairry furniture and the appreciation we got were lovely signals for us, so being a part of BIFE-SIM couldn’t have been anything else than a wonderful experience. Furthermore, we’d love to continue some of the conversations we started there, so remember that any time you miss us or our chairs, you’re sure to find us in our Showroom at 256 Basarabia Boulevard. We’ll be there, just as open as you met us at The Fair.

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