Summer is finally upon us and since it’s our favorite season we wanted to celebrate its long-awaited arrival with some fresh sales.

Of course, since we’re celebrating the sunny season we were careful enough to add to our special offers lower prices for seasonal pieces, meaning furniture for terraces or pools and beaches: sun loungers and furniture suitable for the outdoors – chairs from different fabrics, in different styles and colors, bar stools, tables, table tops, table bases, but also some special accessories.

So let’s tell you about the stars of our current summer sale:

  • the Dodo bar stool (T 242) and the Nana table (T 253), merged together in a special offer for a set of two chairs and one table (T 332). These two are among our funkiest pieces, they’re made of recyclable polyethylene and they are available in different colors;

  • the PP 044 sun lounger, a white sun lounger with a white frame, designed especially for comfort;

  • the PP058 sun lounger, also with a white frame, just as practical and strong;

  • the PP057 sun lounger, a good friend of the other two above, but with a design with more supple and more abrupt lines; the promotional price is also available for the version with the white frame;

  • the minimalist table bases PM 184 and PM 156, both made of polyethylene, both compatible with glass or HPL tops and available in three color versions (white, black or neutral, the latter being compatible with an internal lighting kit); of course, they’re ideal for the outdoor settings (these special offers are available until the end of July);

  • the T 305 ottoman and the T 300 bench (with an HPL top, rectangular or hexagonal shaped), both being lovely pairings for the table bases above or any other kind of creative setting you see fit, and yes, you can get very creative, because you’re free to create different configurations; just as the last couple of furniture pieces, you can get them in white, black or neutral (these special offers are available until the end of July);

  • the T 302 and T 303 polyethylene lamps, just as suitable for the outdoors (these special offers are available until the end of July);

  • the T 258 bar elements, also suitable for interior lighting kits and HPL shelves (these special offers are available until the end of July);

  • the T 301 bar stool and the T 299 armchair, perfect pairings for the bar above and more.

But we’ve got even more surprises set out for you. You can check out all of our promotional deals right here and we’re looking forward to giving you more information, in case you might need additional data. Feel free to contact us here.

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