At Chairry we love all kinds of chairs and even if wețre always looking for new, modern models, with creative design and often in daring colors, we sometimes enjoy going back to basics. In fact, what seems to constantly pass the test of time is exactly the simplicity of basic shapes and concepts. And when it comes to chairs, it’s hard to think of anything simpler than the stool.

Today it would basically be impossible to find the exact origins of the stool, but it is considered as being one of the oldest forms of furniture. We know it distinguishes itself from other types of chairs through the lack of arms and backrest. It usually has three or four legs, but there are also variations with more or less legs, and the modern world really managed to re-interpret the stool in very brave forms.

It is said that the stool was created in Byzantium, and Europe met it thanks to the Normands, ending up in embracing it all the way to the coasts of England. Even in the Middle Ages the stool was one of the main pieces of furniture, and when it came to seating, his only competition came from benches and the very rare pieces inspired by thrones, and these were meant to be more of a status object.

The most common way of binding the legs with the wooden seat was mixing dry wood with green wood – the dry-wood legs were placed in holes made in the green-wood seat, and as the green wood dried up and shrank, the binds became stronger and stronger.

Today we have a massive variety of production methods and this led to new possibilities in regard to materials, design, and color. We’re glad things are like this these days, because this allows us to find the perfect pieces for each space.

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