Great news! The Pantone Institute for Colors has already revealed the colorful trends of the incoming spring and they are exactly the way we like them – vivid, happy, daring!

In short, at least the first part of 2016 will be dominated by the so-called: Rose Quartz (convincing, but gentle; the perfect ambasador of compassion and composition), Peach Echo (friendly, warm and open),Serenity (the best symbol of inside peace, reflected in the harmony of outside space), Snorkel Blue (a marine blue, more energetic, but still relaxing, inviting towards escapades and active rest), Buttercup (happy, sunny), Limpet Shell (for freshness and clarity – clean, modern and well defined), Lilac Gray (the essential neutrality that has to sometimes balance the impulse, but with a slight daring touch from the classical gray), Fiesta (pure energy, enthuziasm, the friend of free spirits and the perfect companion for the rest of the palette), Iced Coffee (another neutral element, subtle and soft, necessary for consolidating gray’s mission of stability), Green Flash (for exploration, openess and the unexpected).

They were all born out of the influence of art and out of a ”desire for disconnecting from technology”. They ar meant to relax, to have a calming effect, and at the same time to ”bring omage to the beauty of natural resources”. Also, they want to influence us in such a way that we continue our relaxation with exploration and curiosity, because we are surrounded by too much uncertainty.

However, the gentle shades, meant to take us to a happier and sunny place, are not without their own dynamics, because they were inspired also from ”the contrast between urban design and lavish vegetation”. So expect curageous combinations as well, that capture a bit of nostalgia, but are also contemporary.

We’ll experience quite a season, a playful season, and we’re quite eager to see what exactly will be happening in the world of furniture!

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