We terribly miss terraces and rattan furniture, chaise-lounges, pools, umbrellas and bar stools in the open air, heat, colors and summer. But we can barely fool ourselves it’s spring out there, so we’ll just have to patiently wait for nature to take its course. In the meanwhile, we’re “treating” ourselves with anything handy. For example, today we took a good look at Karim Tashid’s Breez and we suddenly filled ourselves with sunlight and colors:

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Well, we figure it’s obvious to anyone, just by looking at the picture above, why we got so filled with sunlight, but maybe you need a few more info on the colors.

Karim Rashid is an industrial designer and an interior architect. He is considered “on of the most prolific designers of his generation” and that’s a well deserved title since he’s “responsible” for a lot of masterpieces, in very different categories: furniture, interior spaces, lighting, luxury goods, packaging, branding, decorative pieces, art, fashion and so on. You might find this hard to believe, but Karim Rashid is even a DJ!

And yes, he truly loves colors. Actually, he’s well known for his love of pink and you’re sure to see this shade in a lot of his projects, but mostly on his clothes.

But the reason we love the man that was called by Time magazine (as early as 2001) the “most famous industrial designer in all the Americas” so much is his perspective on world and design. He’s not only very talented and versatile, but he is also driven by an authentic desire for changing the world, “one ordinary object at a time”, always searching for beauty and the essence of today.

We hope it’s somewhat clearer now why we made that statement above. And if not, we’re inviting you to read his manifesto and watch him talk about the important things to him:

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