All branches of design come with important elements that remain stable in time and volatile elements. The first category includes some of the things we talked about last week and it’s probably a fact that those basic principles of design, along with a few others, will forever be a part of the ABC of interior design. As for the other category, volatile elements are seasonal trends, but they are (in their own time-frame) just as important as the stable ones and that is why it is essential for professionals to stay connected to multiple sources in order to keep in touch with the latest trends.

Well, for 2014 we can tell you that above all else, vivid colors will be highly fashionable. We’ve seen this in Milan, we’ve read it in articles and it surely wasn’t an accident that Pantone’s color of the year was “Radiant Orchid” (a bold purple). Still, when it comes to interior design, we managed to find out that turquoise is going to be this year’s star, along with other shades of blue and completed here and there by other splashes of perky shades. Neutral beige is no longer among the favorites after quite a few years of domination, so if you really want to go for more “settled” notes, choose combinations of black and white, but make sure to look for a less intense black since 2014 recommends a lighter contrast between these two chromatic poles.

When it comes to textiles, you simply can’t go wrong with natural patterns and floral ones will surely peak a lot of interest. Also, especially for the couches, this year comes with an interesting challenge – what if you gave up on velvet and made a subtle move towards corduroy?

And surely not least, make sure to add to your spaces plenty of lighting sources, with warm light and definitely innovative design!

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