The age we live in is more and more permissive and, especially when it comes to design, we seem to be less stubborn about the old classical ways. Of course, we can’t simply put any two pieces together and hope for a stylish result, but even with the risk of that eternal debate of personal taste, we dare to say that sometimes you can find very fortunate mixes between modern chairs and traditional tables.

The first match we found (here) is between transparent chairs, similar to the Louis Ghost (you know, the one we told you about in  this blog post). It’s a great option for small spaces, where massive classical chairs would clutter up the place, and we think that the  SM 218 model might do a great job in such circumstances:


Then, we noticed here that a simple wooden table might go well with a series of modern chairs with a single plastic piece for the backrest and seat, but with complex and refined metal legs, such as the SM 067:


But a simple wooden table also looks great with full metal chairs, turning that dining space into something with a discrete Parisian bistro feel. Can you visualize a contemporary space built like that, maybe with our SR 071?


We saw something similar here and we liked it a lot. And if by any chance you have old elegant tables, with supple and rounded legs, you might put a splash of today on them with a modern chair that is also curved and sophisticated, such as the SM 025:


But a piece like the table we described above shouldn’t necessarily be stuck in the dining area. In fact, since we’re expanding our comfort zone, how about a hardwood traditional table, even richly ornamented, as a desk? Can you imagine an array of office chairs such as the SO 181 around it?


Maybe you can, maybe you can’t, although you might benefit from this visual aid. As for the rest, we know that some of us are braver than others, but there’s nothing wrong with those that choose to be extra-creative, nor with those with a more conservative approach. But if you wanted to make a daring change, maybe you found some inspiration here. Or maybe you can give us better ideas!

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