If you haven’t been to Therme yet, you simply have to go. Actually, we’d recommend you do it as soon as possible!

If you haven’t even heard of Therme, oh well… stop whatever you’re doing right now and see here what we’re talking about. Take our word for it when we say it’s totally worth going, even if you don’t necessarily live close to Bucharest. Anyway, if you do live in the capital, you definitely have no excuse! Come on, love yourself, spoil yourself and check out on your own what the largest center of its kind in Europe has to offer. Yes, yes – we do have our champions, so plenty to be proud about.

And do excuse us, but we get to be a bit more proud, since at the heart of this relaxing oasis you’ll find some Chairry pieces. But more than pride we have a strong sense of satisfaction when we think about our mini-loungers. Why? It’s easy – they contribute to relaxing an impressive number of people who visit the place, holding them in a warm and comfortable embrace, while their worries disappear like the steam rising from the warm waters.

So, seriously, start planning your escape to Therme. Whether you’re contemplating the fun water slides in Glaxy or a hot bath outside, while your nose is above water, in only a couple of degrees around zero (as it is only natural in February), in the full paradise of Elysium. And while you move from place to place, keep an eye out for the „brave Chairry soldiers”, perfectly aligned in their mission for relaxation. You’re sure to recognize them!


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