You might recall that we’ve written before about Karim Rashid and we were also telling you then that he is one of our favorite designers. In fact, if you’ll read (again) the article we dedicated to him in February, you’ll (re)discover that he is one of the most appreciated contemporary designers, and his appreciation is due to the very prolific nature of his work, his unique style and the wide varieties of domanis for which he designs.

Of course, we follow his activity. We even read his book:

DSC05053 DSC05035

But to see him in the flesh and hearing with how much passion he talks about the world, as he sees it, was a truly unique experience and we’re very glad to have been there. We resonated with his vision on the things that surround us and we were left with a lot of food for thought. For instance, among the most interesting things he said was a simple observation – nature doesn’t really have straight lines, but rather curvy, irregular ones, but we force them for economical purposes.

We also found interesting that, on average, a regular person seems to touch about 650 objects every day. How could we doubt the impact of design when we interact so much with the man-made world around us?

And surely not least, because it seems to be one of the aspects that we’re still thinking about, is Karim Rashid’s determination in believing that we are all creative. No, it’s not the classical clichee, but pure reality, nuanced with two other insights: the fact that we don’t try hard enough to become more creative and we don’t really trust our creativity…

Surely we can’t say that our summary can actually be representative to his story. It was even hard for us to stick to only a couple of aspects… But we had a 1000% confirmation that he is a special man and we are proud to have in our portfolio pieces designed by him: Breez (, Tak ( and, Kat ( and

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