What do clients want from a restaurant? At some point in history it might have been enough to think about good food and beverages, but it’s a fact that today expectations have grown. Clients look for relaxation, escapes from routines, intimate spaces and so on. In short, they’re basically looking for pleasant experiences and these are built on lots of small and big details. Of course, tasty food and assorted beverages are still a must, but the ambiance where these are served can highlight or cancel their qualities. So what factors have the greatest influence on clients’ experiences?

Obviously, we’ll start with what we know best – furniture. It’s essential for the furniture to be comfortable, in great condition and in perfect harmony with the overall style of the restaurant. Also, it’s a good idea to include various seating options, since there are those who might feel more comfortable alone, at the bar, couples might search for intimacy at a small table and there are also large groups that want to hang out together. Whoever your clients may be, keep in mind that they’re more likely to spend more time in your place and return in the future when they feel they truly fit in.

The chromatic aspect is also very important and different colors come with different effects on space perception and even menu perception. Black, with its night-time feel, is sending a power vibe, it’s also quite sophisticated and it’s a color that goes well with pretty much any kind of food variety. Brown feels comfortable and warm and it’s great for any restaurant with a rich variety of meat courses on the menu. White, although clean and relaxing, is usually best for contrast only. Red, apparently aggressive, is not a bad choice at all, because it induces hunger; orange, much as red, comes with a similar effect. Green, as surprising as it may sound, is known to induce thirst. Yellow is fresh and warm, so it’s perfect for daytime spaces. Blue, however, is hard to associate with any natural food, so it’s no surprise that it’s a tricky option for a restaurant, too.

Noise is nothing to leave to chance either. Actually, more and more places seem to make mistakes when it comes to this particular factor and play music way too loud. Remember that people also meet for breakfast/lunch/dinner in order to socialize and any possibility for a conversation simply vanishes when the background is louder than the normal tone of voice. Clients shouldn’t yell at each other in order to understand one another and when this happens you can be sure that they’re not having the best possible experience.

Of course, the list of elements that influence costumers is much longer and that’s why you should always talk to experts, starting with the concept and ending with the finishing design touches. Lighting, the menu, the ability to intuitively find the bathroom, the possibility for constant eye contact between customers and personnel, temperature and even forks can impact the clients’ experiences. Don’t leave anything to chance!

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