We enjoy going to events because we love meeting new interesting people, because we’re always interested in keeping in touch with the latest trends in HoReCa, design or architecture and quite frankly we also like to do this because we’re proud of our products and we take advantage of any opportunity to show them off.

But often we’re not satisfied with a passive role and we try to support any event that we’re part of as active as we can. And speaking of, this week we have the opportunity of being a part of two major happenings: Hotel Tourism Leisure Investment Conference and Carol Factory Night.

Hotel Tourism Leisure Investment Conferece is “the most important event dedicated to the hotel, tourism and hospitality industry in Romania” and 2014 already marks the 7th edition, organized during the 22nd and 23rd of May, at JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel. We were there yesterday and we’ll also be there today, next to specialists in the HoReCa field, representatives of the governmental authorities (for example, Florin Jianu, Romanian Minister in charge of the business environment or Răzvan Filipescu, President of the Romanian National Authority for Tourism) and key-people from the world’s biggest hotel brands present in Romania (Marriott, Hilton, Howard Johnson, Pullman etc.). But aside from the conference and seminars, a highlight of the event was the Excellence Awards Gala, a gala meant to recognize the best companies and projects in the industry and here we actually played an active role, since we offered the prizes, along with DAAS, UPC and BIT SOFT.

Carol Factory Night will be happening today, on the 23rd of May, at Halele Carol and is surely a wonderful project organized by Zeppelin and Eurodite. We’re very happy to participate as sponsors and we’re looking forward to the conference, the exhibit and the film. The series of events starts at 17:00 and we wouldn’t want to give you too many details, but keep in mind some of the main keywords: terrace, bar, cultural, bikes, architecture, design, urban, dutch, activism, entrepreneurship, movie etc. Did we peak your interest? If so, we’ll see you there! Also consider that the weather seems to be our ally and it’s said to be a beautiful May evening…

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