It is again one of those beautiful moments when we are all joined around the table with our loved ones, it is again time to be better persons, more forgiving, more kind. It is again a celebration and it deserves proper festivities, richness, happiness. So we’re hoping you’ll ge to have a lovely party, plenti of rest and a bit of time for anything you enjoy, for dancing, cooking, eating, pure joy! Take advantage of every free moment, cherish each second spent with your family and friends and fully charge your batterie until the next opportunity for relaxation!

We hope you’ll find The Light, in yourselves and others, we hope you’ll open your hearts towards happiness and we definitely hope you’ll get the chance to spend The Easter Holiday exactly as you wished, no matter where and how you planned! Maybe this year you decided to run away from home, and if this is the case, we’re wishing you the best accommodation and a great time! Maybe you simply need to catch up on some lost sleep, and if so, we’re wishing you a very comfortable bed and sofa. Maybe you took advantage of the other meaning of our 1st of May and ran off to the seaside? Awesome! We hope you’ll have good weather and a great beach lounger; even if it’s not really warm enough to sunbathe, there’s nothing stopping you from laying back and listening to the sound of the waves breaking against the shore. Or maybe you’re not really doing anything special and you simply planning on going to a terrace?

Either way, The Chairry Team truly wishes you a great time, a comfortable stay, exactly where you wanted, with whom you desired and alongside with anyone you were hoping for. Happy Easter dear customers, partners, friends, current and future ones as well! See you soon, hopefully more relaxed and happier!


Christ has risen!


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