During The Holidays and near important events we remember more than ever that the work we always enjoy doing truly touches others, since tables and chairs are not simple pieces of wood, metal or plastic meant to randomly occupy a space. No way!

Tables have always gathered families and friends around them, they witnessed a lot of stories being told and are vibrating with the emotions shared among those present. And after all, life’s major events all end up in a celebration around a table. Meanwhile, the chairs unite the gathering, bring people closer and help them be comfortable so that their only worry will be enjoying the good time.

So days like this bring us joy when we think about the fact that we will somehow be a part of a lot of successful events and that what we do helps create lovely moments.

We hope that you’ll manage to gather all your dear ones around this Easter table, we hope you’ll reminisce about wonderful times and also make new memories! Happy Easter!

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