It’s that time of the year again when we leave behind everything that isn’t bright and fill ourselves with Goodness. It’s time to gather as many of our dear ones as we can and connect in mind and spirit with those who couldn’t be at our side. We enjoy the few free days, we take a deep breath after the intense preparations and we gather around the table with family and friends. And after we will have enjoyed the feast, we will seat ourselves comfortably in our chairs and listen to the stories of our people. Some of them we will surely have already heard, but we won’t mind, because the tales are a part of them and, in a way, a part of us. We’ll reminisce, we’ll smile, we’ll listen and we’ll share stories as well.

We hope that this Easter will truly be a genuine celebration of Light, a breath of fresh air from the crazy ride we go through every day! Happy and peaceful Easter!

The Chairry Contract Furniture Team

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