Warm spaces, whether they’re residential or commercial, manage to send the right vibes and make their inhabitants feel comfortable thanks to an array of factors. We’re talking about architecture, lighting, colors, of course, furniture, but it often happens that the small accessories and decorative objects, harmoniously integrated in the overall picture, make us feel genuinely close to our surroundings. And what could make us feel as welcome as hand-made decorative objects, crafted with time and dedication?

They might not be suitable for any kind of commercial space, but they can fit perfectly into many kinds of restaurants, bars, coffee houses and so on and they’re definitely perfect for your home. So we thought we’d look for a couple of crafting ideas that are easy to put together and use things that you’re sure to find with ease. Actually, why don’t we mix this with a bit of green spirit and recycle things we’d normally throw away?

And when it comes to recycling, the first thing that comes to mind is plastic, specifically plastic bottles. They might not inspire you at first sight, but they can turn into beautiful flowers, whether you choose to use the bottom or the top. Just as well, they can turn into vaseslampscandle holders or flower pots.

But wine bottles can also turn into vases (cutpainted or as they are), lamps (hanging or not), candle holders or flower pots, and their corks can transform into lovely napkin rings, paintings and even table tops.

Also, old tin cansplastic capsold books or beer bottle caps can all turn, with a bit of skill, a dash of patience and lots of creativity, into wonderful objects, perfect for intimate or happy spaces, at home or in your own restaurant, bar, coffee shop and so on.

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