Although there are people in Romania who are not at all happy with the Halloween trend, we believe it is nothing more than another occasion for fun and celebration. And if you’re tempted to put on a costume, why wouldn’t you work a bit on the space around you as well?

We thought that our friends in the HORECA field might take advantage of this holiday in order to bring a bit of freshness in the places they manage, so especially for them we looked for a couple of accessible decorative options (and yes, they’re so easy to make, that you can use them at home, too).

Probably the most famous symbol of Halloween is the carved pumpkin, and two reasonably skilled hands, along with a creative mind could, without much effort, shape the regular pumpkin into a true work of art. There are a few „classic” designs, but there are also genuine masterpieces, so the only limit is that of your own imagination. For example:


But the pumpkin can also be skilfully turned into other ambiance pieces. It can be a candle holder, it can be a vase, it can be a soup bowl, it could be simply painte or you might want to try different add-ons until it becomes a work of art…

And surely not least, really, what could be a more suitable table „decoration” than a sample of themed dessert? Again you are only limited by your own artistic spirit, thus you are free to play in the kitchen with anything, from ghostly marshmallows to cookies glazed with frightening designs: witches, black cats, warewolves, skeletons and so on. Or you can simply go for a recipe based on pumpkin. Either way, you’re sure to find a couple of lovely ideas here.

tot dulciuriIMG_2367witch fingers

So what’s tempting you? What are your plans? What other remarkable ideas have you seen? What did you try and turned out great? 🙂

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