We like to say that our team manages to turn dreams into reality and it’s really no exaggeration, because quite a few of our clients come to us with renderings, that they’ve created with the help of architects and they need us to find the furniture that matches what the architect thought as being appropriate for that certain space.

First of all, we’re taking advantage of this opportunity to thank architects once again for the hard and patientand work they do and we’d like to remind them about our 3D Library project, created especially for the purpose of easing your workload by offering for free (and in various file formats) a lot of the pieces in our portfolio. Thus, you’ll have more time for the most important aspects in the process – understanding your clients’ needs and the actual creative work (of which we know all too well that it mixes the free imaginative spirit and solid knowledge, painfully assimilated in many years of study).

We’re looking forward to every challenge and we’re quite eager to search our portfolio for the chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas and so on that can bring our clients’ dreams to life for their perfect restaurant, bar, pub, lounge, coffee house, hotel, terrace and any other commercial space. You won’t believe how many options we’ve got, so there’s no doubt in our minds that we’ll find the perfect design, color and tecture. Comfort, quality and good advice is on the house 🙂

And if you don’t have a rendering, although we’d recommend for you to work with an expert (since aesthetics is a more complicated matter than it seems and, furthermore, a space in the HORECA field should also consider functional criteria), we can help you turn an empty space into the „scene” of a successful business that’s alive and perky. Feel free to contact us!

PS: Here is a vivid example of a dream come true – C House Bucharest, from rendering to finished design:


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