We know that every space has its own unique personality and, even if modernism seems to be the main attraction these days, in multiple shapes, there’s a good reason why classicism is called this way. Sure, fashion in general seems to be recurring, but classical furniture is, above all doubt, forever fashionable.

The Florentine style, of course, gets is name from the Italian city of Florence, a city that managed to get noticed during the Renaissance and became an authentic landmark for the global artistic world. It became famous for painting, bronze works, gold gilding, sculptures and complex works in marble and wood. All of these crafts were organized in guilds and that helped the artists sustain a huge phenomena and become famous throughout all of Europe. And this is how they conquered so many spaces and still manage to influence today the world of design.

The favorite materials for furniture of Florence craftsmen were chestnut, cypress, fir and poplar wood. Also, some of the pieces integrate in the design a bit of iron or leather. But what truly distinguishes the Florentine style is its massive shape, sculpted (manually and in detail), richly ornamented and quite often enriched with gold or silver. And if this may seem as too much, just try to imagine its sinuous shapes in a generous space with a tall ceiling, a space painted in natural shades and with pieces that complement each other… No, modernism shouldn’t be around these classical masterpieces, but the elegance of a Florentine chamber surely won’t leave you wanting any kind of minimalist compensation.

Of course, authentic Florentine furniture (maybe even the ones with the lion feet) has a matching price, just as any other antique piece. But there are alternatives in the same style that are new, durable, comfortable and accessible. So, if you feel that this style best suits your space, go over our classic models or simply contact us.

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