For office workers, their desk is the place where they spend most of their time, day by day … week after week … year after year, and in time …  it has consequences on our employee’s health.

Incorrect posture of the body when working in the office and spending long time sitting in an inconvenient chair can generate discomfort and may lead to physical problems for the employee, and in the same time can generate problems with human resources within the company.

Win-win situation (mutual beneficial)

Our employees’ wellbeing and providing them with an agreeable and comfortable framework represent the considerations we should have in mind in order to create a welcoming place, but also to bring fulfillment and satisfaction in their professional life.

Working in an open and relaxed atmosphere, in harmony with a healthy lifestyle, all people in the company will be more satisfied, will feel appreciated, valuable, will be more active and healthier, which will reflect in their daily procedures, in their implication, productivity and efficiency, and finally all these will positively influence the company’s development.

The working spaces

The large, full of light working areas, the lounge or relaxing zones, the hallways, the areas dedicated for private conversations or those specially created for communication, the meeting rooms, the waiting areas, the conference rooms, in one word, the entire office furniture must have an unitary concept, not only as design, but especially from the practical and economical point of view.

The office furniture

The young generation has a very dynamic lifestyle and work style. Therefore, it needs mobility, flexibility, comfort, freedom, sustainability and, last but not least, safety. All these attributes are found in the office chairs, desks or workstations included in the Chairry portfolio.

Regardless of the body shape and conformation, we help you find the optimal solutions to ensure a correct posture at work for each user, so you can provide your employees with a comfortable and ergonomic work environment, while keeping the lines of modern design that you desire.

The Chairry Portfolio

We have fully adjustable operating chairs or executive office chairs, with swivel function, adjustable height seat and backrest (height or angle), adjustable armrests (lateral or height), headrest, lumbar support (according to personal anatomy), adjustable / translatable seat, as well as versatile height-adjustable workstations or desks that allow workers to easily change postures from sitting to standing, thus promoting mobility in the workplace.

To convince yourself, come to our Showroom and test all these ergonomic features.

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EFIT (SO 317), STAY (SO 239) and TRIM (SO 332).

For the complete furnishing of your offices, we invite you to browse our site – the Office Category – and choose the suitable furniture for your company.

Whenever you need furniture, come to Chairry!