Furniture is so present in our lives that us, the members of the Chairry team, simply couldn’t do our jobs as well as we do if we wouldn’t truly love furniture. So, partly joking, but being just as serious at the same time, here are the main reasons why we love furniture, especially for this 14th of February, a day dedicated to love:

  1. Obviously, first of all because furniture makes our lives easier and more comfortable. Could you even imagine sleeping on a rock today or working at a desk and standing on a wooden logg? Or the chaos around you if you couldn’t organize and compartmentalize things?
  2. It has the power to completely shape a space (we don’t know if you’ve heard about Bogdan Girbovan‘s project, but we’re inviting you to look really closely at his photographs; basically, he took pictures of the studios in the building where he lived, all on the same column, thus being identical spaces for criteria such as surface, layout and so on, but completely different when it came to aesthetics, exactly because of the furniture).
  3. It has the ability to change our moods. For example, even if you were only to imagine the inside of a restaurant, wouldn’t you look in a completely different manner at a location with old, dark, poorly curated furniture, compared to another one with white, modern, almost new furniture pieces? Or maybe, if you’re anything like us and you love the summer, doesn’t the thought of a sun bed bring an instant smile to your face?
  4. It says a lot about the essence of the space it furnishes; quite often it’s a true metaphor. If it’s a commercial space, then furniture should reflect the concept behind the brand of the business and it should match the tone, the colors, the style and the values of the company. If it’s a personal space, of course, it will say a whole lot about the owner.
  5. It’s a lovely mix of art and engineering, quite often making the line between rigid functionality and aesthetic creativity very blurry.

These are only a couple of our reasons, but the truth is that, just as it should be for any form of adoration, we confess our love for furniture every day…

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