After the series of records that we gathered last week, we thought you might enjoy a new batch of fun furniture curiosities. Some are more recent, some are older, and there are those you might find plain weird, but…

Did you know that a chair belonging to Yves Saint Laurent and created by Eileen Grey was sold for twenty eight million dollars? It was nicknamed the “dragon’s armchair” and, if you’re curious, you can see it here.

Did you know that seating cushions were invented in the Middle Ages to ease the pain of those tormented by hard wood for longer periods of time? You might remember that we told you in another article (here) that until the 16th century the chair was basically an item of status, so the noblemen had backrests, while the common people has plain stools. But these pads/cushions were to be found both in the homes of the rich and the poor.

Did you know that chairs that bounce back (the ones we find in cinemas in theaters) were patented in 1854 by Aaron H. Allen?

Did you know that the Bible has no mention of chairs? In return, William Shakespeare seems to have been a lover of chairs since only the third part of his play Henry VI contains eight mentions of this furniture item.

Did you know that every American colony had its own tradition when it came to cabinet making?

Did you know that veneered furniture began spreading throughout Europe only after the Dutch and Flemish craftsmen came to London?

Did you know that the first one-piece plastic chair was patented by R.G. Reineman in 1960?

And if you didn’t know at least some of things we talked about above, we’re glad to have shared them with you. By the way, if you know more fun facts about furniture, do tell! We’d love to expand this list.

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