You surely know by now that we love wooden furniture (if our rich portfolio of wooden chairs and tables didn’t convince you, you may recall that we actually wrote an article about why we love wooden furniture). Well, in the world of furniture we meet almost exclusively with solid wood since it has to show strength, stability and durability. After all, these are among the main reasons that recommend wood for the job.

But let’s not forget that another important trait of wood is versatility and this property helps it turn into amazing, innovative and surprisingly delicate objects and decorations. In fact, this what we’re set out to do today – we’re looking for a couple of ingenious shapes molded by the creative use of wood, shapes completely different from the classic perception over wood. So we searched for the delicate behind the robust.

For instance, it’s almost hard to believe that a massive tree could turn into… A purse. In all honesty, the raw material was processed with a lot of talent, care and craftsmanship, but the end result is gorgeous:

Then, some of the most refined wooden masterpieces are found in the musical instruments’ category. For instance – violins. And among all violins, a beautiful Stadivarius is always going to shine. In fact, nobody really knows why Antonio Stadivari’s pieces sound the way they do, but a lot of people „blame” the actual wood itself. One of the theories claims that it is because of the dense wood of the trees. Apparently, there was a so called Little Ice Age (1600-1800) that caused the trees to grow at a slower rate because it was colder and this time frame overlaps with the time during which the master lived and created. However, the MIT experts seem to believe that the sound is enhanced by the shape. Anyway, the basic truth is that they sound dreamy and they have a unique elegance about them:


And since we’re talking about music, let’s get back to the world of today with a piece that links the past and the present in a modern design of a retro object – a new vinyl player dressed in elegant wood:


And there’s nothing more emblematic for today than technology, which, surprisingly can also dress itself beautifully in wood. There even is a Macbook wooden keyboard out there:


So, really, how could we not love wood?

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