One of the key-aspects that differentiate us is our desire to offer complete services to our clients. We’re not happy with simply providing a wide range of designs for furniture pieces, but we are also looking to help them with a lot of extra details that can aid them in making the best decisions for the spaces they are furnishing. And the extra steps we are willing to take for our customers can mean anything from good advice from our sales team to actually designing a rendering for enabling them to vizualise the final form of their venue, but it is often also about looking for the perfect accessories and auxiliary pieces that perfectly complete the furniture itself.

For this very reason we are always looking for suppliers that show the same care as we do for fine touches that perfect the wider picture. And thinking of this we can’t avoid mentioning ZOWN furniture (a brand we exclussively represent in Romania), which is not only about ideal chairs and tables for events (foldable, strong, durable, available in multiple sizes and configurations), but also about special covers for all the ZOWN items.

We really appreciated that they understood the more subtle needs of event organizers and they prove it by offering a rich collection of styles, textures and colors for the covers that perfectly complete the ZOWN chairs and tables. Of course, the design is in complete harmony with the furniture, and the fabrics from which the covers are made of have a perfect balance between durability, strength and aesthetics. Also, the covers have special stitchings that consolidate their shape and structure, they don’t wrinkle, they don’t shrink and, in general, are very easy to handle, wash and iron.

The complete array of covers for ZOWN furniture can be seen here and we are happy to offer any other information you may need.

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