We love colors a lot, so we know all too well that they influence our mood and productivity more than people tend to give them credit, which means that we should choose wisely the shades that surround us in the spaces where we live and work. Also, the owners of bars, restaurants, pubs, coffee houses and so on should go for those colors that represent them and manage to send out the vibes they want. But what is the hidden meaning behind each color?

Red, the one that suits us best, is the absolute symbol of passion, dynamism, enthusiasm and action. It’s the spark within us and that fully recommends it for active and bold spaces, those that are supposed to stand out from the crowd.

Green is relaxing and calming. It’s the color of safety, meditation and balance, so it’s safe to say that you can’t really fail with this shade if you want a space that invites people towards introspection.

Shades of blue are also about depth, calm and dreaming, which makes them quite suitable for places that want to help their inhabitants find their inner peace and sensitivity. They’re great for spaces where people can disconnect from the daily fuss and give themselves a bit of time for their inner selves.

Yellow, although not very used in the HORECA field, inspires privacy and warmth. But it can just as well be a speck of vivid color that represents communication, activity and ambition.

And of course, we can’t end this without mentioning brown – the warm color of wood that made it a favorite in the world of hospitality. It’s a symbol for comfort, reliability and openness, so you almost can’t go wrong with it, provided you also choose the right furniture.

All you have to do know is decide on the spirit that your space should have and choose the right combination of colors. Usually, a single color used too much tends to be unpleasant, so feel free to experiment with colors and contrasts. And most of all, make sure you also get the suitable design for the furniture, but for that you should already know that you can count on us anytime.

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