We’re only two weeks away from Christmas, so we thought it might be a good idea to talk about decorations. Some of you may have chosen to keep it traditional and wait for Christmas Eve when it comes to home decorating, but if we’re talking about HoReCa spaces, they probably should have been dressed for the occasion already.

The first thing we should talk about is colors and 2014 seems to be a good friend of white and silver, discrete notes of champagne or bronze and the classical mix of red and green.

Next on the list is materials and this year’s stars are natural ones. We’re also happy to notice that this kind of decorations are looking better and better, whether we’re talking about the always loved wood or even burlap.

Lights are also an important element and you can take advantage of them in order to attract attention. Be creative when placing them on your front and try to light other elements from the surrounding outdoors. Of course, keep it all in good taste and respect the overall lines that characterize your space. And for the indoors, it might just be the perfect time to make things a little bit more cozy and intimate by using candles and seasonal lanterns.

The Christmas tree should be the highlight and you’d better consider every detail, starting with the size of the tree to where you actually place it and, of course, the lights and ornaments. According to the specific style of your hotel, restaurant, bar, pub and so on, an elegant (maybe monochromatic) tree might be the best option or, on the contrary, it just might be that vivid colors and unconventional ornaments suit you best. The truth is that there is no perfect recipe that fits all the trees in all the spaces, but you should at least make sure that you get at the end a rich, full bodied tree that’s not too crowded and, most importantly, a tree that harmoniously clicks with its surroundings. However, this need to make it match the space shouldn’t make you feel limited. In fact, there’s no limits to how creative you can get with your Christmas tree or maybe it doesn’t even have to be a tree in its classical meaning:

As for the rest, just make sure you add subtle notes of the season to your menus, table decorations and so on. You shouldn’t go overboard and, for example, maybe your place just doesn’t go with employees that wear Santa hats. Everything has to be seen as a whole. Still, an idea such as this might be a nice touch for (almost) any space:

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