Our Chairry furniture pieces for events, in God-knows-how-many shapes, colors and sizes, are already spread all over Romania and it’s a fact that up to this point they’ve probably been „involved” in any kind of event you could think of. But we’d be confident enough to bet that our most „involved” pieces of furniture are, by far, the Chiavari chairs we delivered to Tent 4 Event.

Actually, for the exact same reason, these are also the best proof of resistance, durability and versatility of our furniture dedicated for events. The team at Tent 4 Event has full mobility and they do carry around all the logistics necessary for a successful event no matter where they are needed. Sure, pretty much any event venue needs flexibility since it is to be expected that different events need different configurations; but NOT like this – because no matter how many moves and switches you make there are fixed boundaries that limit variety. Well, our chairs get to travel a lot with this team of skilled organizers and they do adjust remarkably to any kind of terrain.

Basically, this kind of intense use highlights the strong points of these pieces that we love so much and every event is yet another proof for their qualities: easy to transport, light, but sturdy (thanks to the fiberglass in their build), they can be stacked, and they sure look lovely with or without covers and in any kind of decorative or chromatic mix etc. And here they are in all their beauty:


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