One of our dearest projects in 2016 was definitely The Boavista Hotel in Timisoara and we’re pretty confident that once you see the pictures you’ll easily understand why… Furthermore, it was a lovely collaboration with City Project Architects, one that gave us the opportunity to witness the magic of shaping a carefully planned rendering into amazing reality.

In fact, this transformation is exactly what pinned down our memory so powerful, because it might just be the experience that comes closest to the idea of a dream come true. At least in our experience so far, and this is definitely thanks to the extraordinary skills of the architects who imagined the dream and chose us to bring it to life.

Also, it was a complex project for us since we delivered a diversity of furniture pieces, but other accessories as well. For example, the Chairry mark is not only bestowed on the tables, sofas and armchairs in the reception area, but also on the furniture in the restaurant or even the drapes and curtains there (by the way, this seems like a good time to remind you that we do supply full-service solutions, fully tailored to your needs, even when it comes to fabrics). The fact that we were asked for modern and vibrantly colorful furniture, just the way we like it the most, is just an added happy bonus.

But we’d better leave these to speak for themselves:


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