It’s probably not a secret anymore that first impressions last and the first impact with something might shape the whole relationship with it. And that’s just as true for inter-human relationships and for bonds between people and places. So, beyond any doubt, it’s essential for all the players in the HORECA field to make it so that the first impressions they project are good ones. Actually, this might be even more important for hotels, because the client interacts with them on a different level, for a longer period of time and on a more personal note.

It’s true, today’s travelers can access websites and applications such as or Trip Advisor, so their decisions are more informed, based especially on the reviews of those that actually stayed there. But photos still influence us a lot, all the more after we find out if they confirm or not reality.

Of course, it’s no secret that the key-aspects in a client’s experience with a hotel are about the quality of the services, the kindness of the personnel, accessibility, cleanliness and so on. But just as important are the ambiance, the design or the furniture.

For example, a study from 2014 showed that one of the key indicators in getting client satisfaction is modern and comfortable furniture. Also, a research from 2011 and 2012 revealed that the degree of comfort and cleanliness, along with appropriate furniture, are the most appreciated aspects among clients when it comes to room quality, and comfort is the third most important characteristic from all evaluated aspects in the research. Another study, from 2008, proved that interior design is the most important thing for hotel customers. And surely not least, we have to say that the 2013 report of ASCI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) for hotels also noted that everything about the quality of the room (comfort an cleanliness) is the forth most important aspect for a traveler, right below the ease of check-in procedures, the ease of making a reservation and personnel attitude.

And if you’re wondering by now what exactly are the most important elements regarding furniture and interior design in the hotel business, you might find a pretty good answer in Hotel Business Review. You’ll find out that the lobby, basically the first space that the visitors meet for the first time, is of crucial importance, especially because it’s a good indicator of what they might find in their rooms and other spaces; you can get creative with the design and furniture can be chosen and placed in such a manner that it creates both wide, open spaces and private nooks. Then, it’s no surprise that the essential piece in the rooms is the bed, a place of rest and relaxation, so everything about it is important, from a sturdy frame to a good mattress and from comfy pillows to quality linens. But you can’t simply place random pieces of furniture around the room – they should be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, they should fit the overall spirit of the hotel and they should offer enough flexible space, including for those who travel for business, just in case they need to work in their rooms. And don’t neglect lighting either, especially since you can be quite playful with this, starting with massive chandeliers in open spaces and hiding dim lights here and there, where they’re appropriate.

We, at Chairry, understand all of these, so we’re able to provide you with any kind of furniture and accessories you might need, regardless of your hotel’s specific theme. We only work with top suppliers, with the best materials, we can deliver any piece you might need and we can even offer you solutions for curtains, drapes, mattresses or carpets.

Contact us! We’re looking forward to helping you make a great first impression and hold on to it all throughout your visitors’ stay, since we know all too well that any satisfied tourist can become a loyal one. Also, we enjoy being a part of the great memories created during your guests stays.

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