We take pride in every project we finalize and, even if we don’t really get the chance to see in real time how spaces come to life when they get furnished, building the interior mood piece by piece, it is often enough to simply see the final picture at the end for another confirmation of one of our core beliefs – furniture is truly the one who puts the spirit in a space.

Also, we are glad that our furniture is gradually spreading in every city of the country and, no matter how big the town or the project is, we are just as happy each and every time we deliver our furniture to its beneficiary. It’s as if we get the feeling that those pieces have truly arrived home and at the same time that „home” wouldn’t be the same without them. And our favorites are, as you probably may have already guessed, bold projects, that challenge us to play around and creatively mix and match different styles, textures and shades.

So it’s no wonder that the sofas, benches, chairs and armchairs that we sent to Adjud, pieces that furnish today the coffee house at Trotus Motel, managed to turn this HORECA space one of our favorite projects of 2016 so far. And we are not only talking about the colors themselves, about the assortment of shades or the positive vibes of the ensemble, but most of all about the fact that, as it looks right now, this coffee house is living proof for an idea pe are very fond of – elegance doesn’t have to be rigid, conventional or black and white. Elegance should be warm, welcoming, friendly, especially in a place where people come to relax.

And in the end, just in case the words haven’t fully painted the accurate pucture, we’re inviting you to see for yourself the Chairry pieces at Trotus Motel in Adjud. A picture is still more valuable than a thousand words:


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