Every project we have receives from us the same amount of care, it gets exactly how much time it needs for finding the perfect pieces and in the end we always deliver with the same thoroughness.

But we simply have to tell you about one of our most recent (and biggest) projects. We’re very proud to tell you that, from now on, when you’ll be going at AFI Palace Cotroceni, it will be almost impossible not to see a Chairry piece. And yes, we’ll say it again, we’re proud! Proud to have our chairs, tables, decorations and ambient items highlighted in the biggest mall in Romania! Thus, after you’ll be finishing going through the 214.000 square meters of the center and finish walking around the 300 store, and definitely if you will have spent your energy at AFI Palace Mega Fun, you deserve a good rest, so please, take a seat in our chairs. We’ll guarantee the comfort!

Furthermore, we were happy to deliver furniture and items with modern and minimalistic designs, in perfect harmony with the overall style of the commercial space. And yes, we appreciated the courage for the more daring shades (since you probably know by now that we are huge fans of daring colors!).

And until you’ll manage to actually get there, have a couple of photographic samples of chairs, tables, decorations, ambient items and other pieces of furniture that the Chairry team delivered to the mall with the most famous name in Romania:


If you liked what you’ve seen, we can tell you, for example, that the chairs are available here. Or maybe the ambient items caught your eye? No problem, our whole array can be found here. For anything else, do contact us, whatever furnishing need you may have or regardless of your decorating ideas (especially for HORECA spaces).

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