2014 was a wonderful year for us and it was sure full of challenges! We worked on special projects and we saw how our furniture gave life to a lot of spaces. We took part in a lot of events and we were there in all „forms”, from simple guests to sponsors and even organizers. And each project or event was an opportunity to meet new people, beautiful people and we grew from every interaction.

So, when we look behind, we enjoy reminiscing about the Zeppelin events which we sponsored: the 52nd edition of the Serile Zeppelin (@MNAC, March) and Carol Factory Night (@Halele Carol, May).



We enjoy reminiscing about the fairs and expos where we exhibited our products: the 12th edition of Salonul de dotari hoteliere si alimentatie publica (March), the 7th edition of Hotel Tourism Leisure Investment Conference (May), BIFE-SIM 2014 (September) sau the 12th edition of ROMHOTEL (November).

Salon Chairry Mamaia ZOWN

photo 112


We sure remember our very own Architects’ Evening and we still get nervous thinking about it, since it was truly a magical evening and it was a lovely way of consolidating old bonds and creating new ones.

Echipa Chairry

We also remember the Architecture Biennial and the visits we made to international fairs in order to keep in touch with trends and complete our portfolio with special pieces (for example, spoga+gafa or ORGATEC). And yes, we’re quite proud that we constantly refined our furniture portfolio.

photo 5

Spoga Gafa 1

We remember the steps we made forward and this section deserves special mentions for our partnership with ACTIU, expanding our showroom and developing the 3D Library.


And, surely not least, we remember each and every project we worked on, whether it was a cafe, a pub, a bistro, a terrace, a pool, a conference room and so on.

Of course, with so many events on our hands (and some of them we probably forgot to mention above) we met and reconnected with a lot of people and we simply don’t want to end this year without thanking all of the architects, collaborators, clients, partners and, in general, all those we met in 2014. We learned something from each and every one of you and it all helped us get better at what we do. So, thank you and we truly hope you’ll have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

See you soon and until then don’t forget to furnish your souls with joy and your face with smiles!


The Chairry team!

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