On Thursday, the 13th of March 2014, we sponsored and attended the 52nd edition of the Serile Zeppelin event, an event organized by the Zeppelin Magazine and a cultural happening complementary to the Contemporary Norwegian Architecture exhibition.

We were glad that we were able to be a part of what happened at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, we were happy to see a lot of very passionate young architects and, most of all, we were glad that we had the opportunity to find out a lot of new interesting things from the three Norwegian architects that attended as speakers.

Dan Zohar (Haugen&Zohar Arkitekter) told us about some of his projects and we really loved his wooden hammocks, designed specifically for the younger audience and thus having a very unconventional design which manages to give the young ones space, if they desire it, but it can also bring them together. Also, we found his vision on the shapes that local identities can take to be very interesting.

Geir Brendeland (Brendeland & Kristoffersen Arkitekter) was a remarcable presence too and we thought that his project for the Ullensaker Municipality was quite great. Even though our activities don’t include urban planning, we considered that the solutions that Geir Brendeland’s team found for the genuine issues of the area (for example, the unusually high groundwater) managed to be both effective and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, we highly appreciated the accent they put on the parkland and nature overall.

Haakon Iversen’s presentation (Nordic Urban Design Association) made us think about modern living in a somewhat new light and it was also food for thought in regard to the relationships between cities, people and communities.

But we too had the opportunity to talk, and Andrei Ivănescu, founder of the Grădiniția de Grasshopper and our partner in our 3D Library project, helped us communicate to the architects that attended the true benefits of this library. We wanted to help our collaborators by allowing them to use, free of charge, pieces of furniture from Chairry’s portfolio in their renderings for clients, all in different formats compatible with various softwares that they may use. And so we hope to ease their efforts and ultimately work together faster and more effective.

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