Just as this time last year, in the next couple of days you will be finding us at The International Exhibition for Equipment, Furniture and Supplies for Hotels and Restaurants. The Chairry „Area” can be found inside ROMEXPO, in the C5 Pavilion, arranged at the 48th and 49th stands, and we will be there during the enitre event, starting with the 12th of November and until the 15th, between 10 AM and 6 PM, from Thursday to Saturday, and between 10 AM and 4 PM on Sunday.

We are glad that the organizers are continuing the tradition of this event, an event that has reached its 23rd edition, and we are glad to be here again, just as eager to talk about our greatest passion – furniture for the HORECA industry. And there is no doubt in our mind that we won’t get the chance to talk a lor about it, because statistics show that there are currently in Romania about „30.000 restaurants, 6.130 touristic facilities, 1.473 hotels, 1.665 agrotourist boarding houses, 1.323 boarding houses, 624 touristic villas, 242 bungalows, 212 motels, 204 hostels and 162 lodges.” Any doubt is also eliminated by the fact that the 2014 edition of this event gatheres 17.651 visitors and we know from our very own experience that we met and discussed with a lot of open, passionate, interesting people.

Also, we’re really looking forward to talking to the other active members of the HORECA community in Romania. We were already glad to meet some of our oldest acquaintances, but we’re still eager to greet a lot of familiar faces. We’re looking closely at trends and observing the stands of the other echibitors, and in the end we’ll surely have learned from all of them.

We, the Chairry team, are looking forward to your visit! We’re open to any kind of question or challenge, we brought along a couple of really interesting pieces (although the space only allows us „a drop” in the „ocean” that is out portfolio) and we are very excited to find out what lovely new projects you’re working on.


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