We didn’t get to tell you about us recently becoming official representatives for ACTIU in Romania and we’re sure to write about that next week, but we’re pretty busy these days! We just got back from them in Spain and we ran off to Cologne, Germany, to see the lovely pieces exhibited at ORGATEC.

You probably know by now that we’re always looking for new and special pieces to add to our portfolio, but we have to admit that the people at ACTIU, which are also exhibiting at ORGATEC, built up our appetite for office furniture (by the way, models from this brand are already available on our website in the office chairs section). And at ORGATEC we truly discovered a world completely dedicated to working spaces.

The 2014 edition will be open between the 21st of October and the 25th and it wants to bring together furniture manufacturers , architects, designers and other specialists from all over the world in order to redefine modern offices and shaping them into spaces that provide ideal working conditions. In fact, ideal working conditions are not only about furniture, but also about lighting and acoustics, so all of these and every detail that influences them will be considered and talked about.

We’re glad to be here and it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to see the new trends for 2015. We’re also happy to see so many creative solutions in one place and we do mean many, because this is truly a massive gathering (we’ll only tell you that the last edition, the one in 2012, brought together 622 participating companies from 53 countries and registered about 50,000 visitors from 123 countries). The amplitude of this event is helping us see the true essence of change on the office furniture niche and it’s more and more obvious that  the last years transformed our work much more than we managed to change our offices, so we’re in great need of a change. How will this change look? Well, you can see for yourselves in these samples (or you can see more pictures on our Facebook page or on Pinterest):

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