Today, at Romexpo, is the first day of The International Trade Fair for Furniture, Equipment and Accessories, one of the most important events in our industry, and we’re already there:

photo 1

Of course, you’ll find us there until the last day – Sunday, the 14th of September.

For us it will be a great opportunity for surrounding ourselves with what we love most, beautiful furniture, it will be a lovely way of meeting new people, passionate about design and beauty and, certainly not the least, it will be an appropriate occasion to take pride in our portfolio, carefully built from special pieces, since we actually spend a lot of time searching and selecting. In fact, we guarantee that some of our Chairry pieces are available only through us in Romania (for example, anything from ZOWN, 21st LIVINGART or Balliu).

As you might expect, space wasn’t really our friend and we could only bring along a tiny fraction of what we could offer, so we tried to select relevant pieces of furniture for our categories of products. So, at our Chairry exhibition stand you might find, for example:

SB_163SB 363

SRP 153SRP 152

SM 255 1

SM 002

Also, we brought along some office pieces, tables and samples of paintings from Bubola e Naibo (for whom we are also the unique representative in Romania) and, most important, you’re sure to find at our stand people that are very passionate about what they do, open to listening, eager to understand your needs and very willing to help you find the perfect solutions for the spaces you need furnishing.

So join us at Romexpo! Give yourselves a well deserved break and come enjoy the „show of shape and ideas” (as the organizers very appropriately call it). We’re already there and we’re quite eager to see you!

Bonus, you might want to attend the Design Conference, „Life in Design„, on the 11th and 12th of September, since it’s promising interesting presentations and valuable speakers.

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